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Importing or Exporting

Please use due diligence when importing a new pet and ask Questions. Make sure that the microchip is registered and with which company. Ask in what countries is the registering database able to trace your pets microchip.

Have the microchip transferred to you as the new owner and this will safe guard you and your new family member.

Importing Pets

If you are importing your new pet from another country, whether is be from a breeder, Rescue or you are moving. Please be aware that more often than not, the microchip is NOT registered. The law states that the pet must be microchipped to enter the country, however that is the bare minimum that and exporter needs to do. They do NOT need to register the microchip. A lot of the time pets enter the country and the new owners are unaware that the pets microchip needs to be registered in the country it now resides in or that a transfer of ownership needs to be done. 

Pet Exports

When exporting your pet either as a breeder/rescue or an individual travelling, please be aware that the microchip that is implanted should be registered either to your self as a breeder / rescue or to the individual.

It happens all to often that pets enter into a new country and escape within the first 72 hrs of arrival and those pets are not registered. Give the added safety to your clients/adoptees that if this was to happen, the pet is already safe guarded and will be reunited. Its only 1 more step after implantation.

Questions To Ask

  1. In which countries will my pets microchip be traceable?

  2. If i travel with my pet, will the microchip be traceable in the country that i am travelling or moving too?

  3. Where was the microchip registered ( which company )

  4.  Was the microchipped transferred over and if so request the information.                                                   ( A lot of new owners assume that it has been )

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